“This is not a novel to read in public.  People keep asking you why you’re laughing.” 

“After reading this novel and recognizing something of myself in Rochelle’s self-absorbed daughters, I’m being nicer to my parents.”

“Mizrahi’s observations of contemporary behavior – both public and private – are insightful and comic.”

“Finally a novel about women my age and situations I can relate to.”

“An intelligent woman’s novel.”    

“This novel brought me to laughter as well as self-reflection.”

“Couldn’t put it down."

"Where wit meets wisdom.”

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Thank you for visiting me and my website. I hope you’ll stay long enough to read the prologue to my novel, Coming of Age... AGAIN and to preview my blog ”The Bottom Whine."
"Coming of Age.... AGAIN" is available at Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle editions
Carol Mizrahi
Four friends of a “certain age” prove that with a mix of moxie, humor, wisdom, and a weekly mahjongg game, coming of age can happen more than once.  


As long as BARBARA’S husband had his affairs with women who bought their perfume at Walgreen’s, she was content to look the other way, but when she sniffs $400 an ounce Coco Chanel on his jacket, she hires a private detective who uncovers more than she bargained for. 

IRENE, an incurable romantic, has been looking for the perfect man ever since her husband died.  She thought Mel was “the one,” but that was before he moved in and before the “up” toilet seats, the snoring, and scatological breakfast talk.  “He’s not who he used to be,” she complains.  “Neither are you,” she is warned.


ROCHELLE, recently divorced, wants to return to an aborted art career, but her two daughters have turned her and her home into a virtual day care for their children.  Despite professional counsel and the wise advice of good friends, Rochelle is incapable of taking her life back – until the death of a Butterfly.


SYLVIA, believes she will choke to death if she lives alone. Her daughter, Mary, has agreed to live with her until she marries, but all potential husbands flee the scene after Sylvia invites them home for dinner.  When Simon also dumps her, Mary goes over the top, taking Sylvia with her.

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